Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello, my name is Victor and I am an African Consultant.

This sounds like an introduction at an addict or group therapy session and this blog probably will have elements of those. I am a addicted to consulting and to borrow from, “I am fanatical” about business change management and process improvement in all its forms, implications and ramifications. I will however not bore you with details of my addiction.

This  “problem” started many years ago, I intend to bare my mind here on my own experiences and viewpoints here while also providing a platform for others bitten by the same bug to come out from “under the furniture” (a term I heard for the first time many years ago from an Anderson Consulting now Accenture consultant) to share theirs too.

I have been a different type of consultant, I never really liked being “under the furniture”, I loved being in the field. When I say field I mean it in the literal sense too. I have been everywhere from climbing into trucks in the rain (riding to remote oil palm plantations) to meeting at parties with VC’s, entrepreneurs and experts at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco.

This has been one roller-coaster ride with all the ups and downs, excitement and disappointment. A narrative will never fully explain the sometimes gut wrenching feeling of betrayal by close friends and colleagues or the unbelievable high of winning a crucial bid against one of the Big Five. I will however try to convey what it means to be a pioneer in an emerging market.

I can only provide assurances that no friends, foes, children or will be harmed in the creation of this blog. Sometimes names will be changed to protect the innocent and guilty

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